• Next Creative Leaders entrants must submit 4 to 6 professional, published entries. After creating your One Club account and Next Creative Leaders profile, click Create an Entry to add projects to your portfolio.
  • To submit your completed portfolio click Finish Entry. Do note that as long as you haven’t yet submitted your portfolio, you can save your entry progress and edit it as you see fit.
  • Projects entered need not have been created in a particular year — entries will be judged as a collection of work. Submissions need not conform to any specific media categories; your entry may feature projects in one medium or several.
  • Each project you submit will require a description, plus a statement of your role in its creation.



  • 1-5 JPEG images must be uploaded for each piece in your portfolio.
  • Images may not have any sides that are shorter than 800 pixels.
  • Entries may have a URL, a video file or an MP3 file attached to them as judging media.
  • Each entry requires a client, title, agency and a description of your role(s) in the project.
  • There are other information fields that are not required. In general, we recommend providing as much information as possible.
  • Please Note: There is no need to send physical materials for work submitted.


  • Direct URLs, Vimeo/Youtube URLs or landing pages are accepted.
  • If the landing page contains a video, it must play in the browser. Do NOT send a link directly to a video file.
  • For non-English entries, translations must be included in the entry description field or on the landing page.
  • Sites must be cross platform compatible, no Windows Media video on page. Most judges are Mac users.
  • If you must require a username/password for the site, make sure you provide it in the entry system.
  • If the judges need any sort of promotion code or additional information to access the site, please provide it in the entry description field.


  • Videos must not exceed 10 minutes in length.
  • Videos must be in MP4/MOV format compressed with H.264 codec.
  • For non-English entries, videos must have English subtitles.


  • If there is text included on your images, please make sure that it is readable on your computer screen. The image will be projected and viewed at a distance of at least 5 feet. It is important that the judges be able to read the text.
  • For non-English entries, translations must be included in the entry description field.

Call For Entries Deadline: Aug. 16th, 2019 Winners Announced: Nov. 7th, 2019